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Meet Ashton Dail: A Versatile 2030 Graduate from Kinston, NC

Ashton Dail, a rising baseball star hailing from Kinston, North Carolina, is an exceptional 11U talent who’s making waves on the field. This young athlete, graduating in the class of 2030, possesses an astonishing array of skills and versatility that set him apart in the world of youth baseball.

Ashton’s primary positions on the field include OF (Outfield), 1B (First Base), 2B (Second Base), 3B (Third Base), C (Catcher), IF (Infield), RHP (Right-Handed Pitcher), SS (Shortstop), and UT (Utility Player). Such versatility demonstrates his commitment to being a well-rounded player and a valuable asset to his team, Zack’s Area Stars 11U.

At just 11 years and 1 month old, Ashton has achieved an impressive record of 5 wins and 0 losses, showcasing his dedication and talent on the field. His remarkable stats prove his prowess as a right-handed hitter and thrower (R/R), and he continues to evolve as a young athlete, promising an exciting future in the world of baseball.

Not only is Ashton a standout player, but he also comes from a supportive and proud family. His parents, Yaschica Dail and Meldon Dail, have been pillars of encouragement on his journey to baseball excellence. As the owners of Carolina Welding, they’ve instilled in him the values of hard work, dedication, and perseverance that are reflected in his on-field performance.

Ashton’s story is one of talent, versatility, and a bright future in baseball. With the unwavering support of his parents and a strong foundation in his hometown of Kinston, he’s well on his way to achieving greatness in the sport he loves. Keep an eye on this young athlete, for he’s a name that’s sure to be remembered in the world of baseball for years to come.

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